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7.5.12 - Harrison, AR - The Harrison Daily Times celebrates the garden at Marshall High School, and announces the groundbreaking at Yellville Summit Middle School

9.12.12 Fayetteville, AR  - Fayetteville's KNWA features FoodCorps service member Sophia Gill at Holt Middle School in this video about sprouting healthy kids

9.21.12 Yellville, AR - Today's THV covers the start of the Delta Garden Study site in Yellville. Service member Sara Fulton-Koerbling is pictured weeding. 

10.10.12 Fayetteville, AR - The Arkansas Democrat Gazette profiles FoodCorps throughout the state. An accompanying video shows service member Ally Mrachek working with the Owl Creek garden club. 

10.17.12 Fayetteville, AR - Dana Smith, one of our site supervisors, is featured in this video as she leads elementary schools in an apple tasting at Root Elementary, one of nine Farm to School month apple tastings organized by service member Ally Mrachek. 

10.28.12 - FoodCorps helps turn "ick" into "yum" - Service member Ally Mracheck and fellow Rachel Spencer interview each other about what inspires them to work with kids and foods. 

1.17.13 - Nonprofit Group Recruiting Service Members in Arkansas - In this recruitment clip, fellow Rachel Spencer tells us why we need FoodCorps

2.19.13 - Nutrition Classes Offered for Students, Parents - A quick announcement about Ally's child nutrition classes. 


12.3.12 - Cooking Class at Holt Middle School - Heather, Ozark Natural Foods' Outreach Coordinator, ONF's sponsorship of Holt Middle School's healthy cooking classes.

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